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TCNJ Art Gallery to showcase eclectic assortment of works by alumni artists

TCNJ Art Alumni Exhibition 2010
Art Alumni Exhibition 2010

An arcade game featuring vintage carnival sounds and visuals that offers a modern take on the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Oil paintings of New York City trashcans. A three-dimensional installation made from garden hoses, a fountain pump, and water. A digital photo of a scanned film negative shot using a pinhole camera. A batik. Consumer packaging for a popular suite of computer games. An interactive video installation that reads data from any magnetic swipe card and creates a collage of the card’s information.

These are just a small sampling of the diverse works that will be displayed during the TCNJ Art Alumni Exhibition 2010. The juried exhibition, which will feature 57 works from 35 artists, will run from September 15 through October 13 in TCNJ Art Gallery.

This summer, art department graduates were invited to submit works for consideration, and in response the show’s organizers received 435 submissions from 75 alumni, said Gallery Director Sarah Cunningham. Exhibit juror Dan Cameron had the difficult task of selecting which submissions made the show. Cameron is the founder and artistic director of U.S. Biennial, Inc., which produces Prospect New Orleans, and is also director of visual arts for the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, LA. He previously served as senior curator at the New Museum in New York, NY.

The works Cameron selected were created in a wide variety of media—from photography, printmaking, and painting, to electronics and Web design, to video production and found-object art, and just about everything in between. The result is an exhibit that one must see to truly appreciate.

The TCNJ Art Alumni Exhibition 2010 runs from September 15 to October 13 in TCNJ Art Gallery, which is located in room 115 of the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building. Click here for gallery hours and directions to the venue.

As part of Homecoming Weekend, an Artists Reception will be held on October 1 from 5:30-8 p.m. in the gallery. The evening will feature artist introductions as well as a dedication ceremony for the new building. The event is free, but registration is requested. Click here to register.

Artists and works on display

Edward Ward ’72: Point of View (2001) and Edification of Man (1995)

Larry Chestnut ’72: Big Mack-Liberty Street (2009)

Nancy (Vanaman) Sharp ’73: Alien Casino 1 (2008)

Michael Pyrdsa ’75: Golden Fields (2009)

Lorraine Raywood ’76: Carmina’s Dessert, lime; Carmina’s Dessert, peach; Bottles, blue; Bottles, green (all 2008)

Frank Kulesa ’78: Spring (2008)

Carol (Martinsen) Van Sant ’79: Clematis #3 and Lily #1 (both 2010)

Scott Keidong ’82: Field of Crosses, East Durham, NY (2009) and Walkway, Corning Preserve, Albany, NY (2008)

Brenda Pinkston ’86: See, Hear, Speak No Evil (2002)

Theresa (Butler ) Pofahl ’89: 3 Fish (2000)

Eric Gibbons ’90: Dreaming of Doves and Sleeping Beauty (2008)

Elisa Hirvonen ’90: NYC Trash Can #2 (2007) and NYC Trash Can #4 (2006)

Laura (Fyock) Nolan ’91: Ice Ups Brand Development and Packaging, 2009

Debbie Reichard ’92: Cubed, (2008)

William Hoeflich ’94: Chrome Carrier, Parallel World, and Waterfalls and River (all 2010)

Joni Noe ’97: Cherries and Chairs (2009)

Megan (Campbell) D’Arienzo ’98: Serendipity (2009)

Jason Jammer ’98: McLaughlin Consulting Web site (2010) and Village Farm Web site (2009)

Amanda (Eckert) Kamen ’99: butterflies (& moths) (2006)

Hal Studholme ’99, David and Ani (both 2010)

Avani (Patel) Palkhiwala ’01: RPS Arcade (2010)

Rocky Canonica ’02: contagion 1 (2010), tiptoe transfer and mc 1 (both 2009)

Erica (Engfer) Engfer Pizza ’03: adorn series 1 (2009)

John Kuiphoff ’04: Reed Bpx (2008)

Matthew Sochocki ’05: Gotham 21, Hollywoodland 6, Hollywoodland 16, and Hollywoodland 2 (all 2010)

Matt Gabe ’05: Hoyle Gaming Suite 2010 (2009)

Jonathan McGough ’05: Ireland Beach Series (2010)

Jessica Potter ’06: Roots (2010) and City Street (2009)

Stephen Varga ’06: Pennant (2010)

Jen Keshka ’07: untitled rug (for the girl in the mirror) (2010) and untitled video (2009)

Marianne Holcombe ’08: The Oasis (2005)

Sara Wentworth ’08: Swipe (2009)

Kasey Tararuj ’08: 1EG3D (2010)

David Sankey ’08: Notable Moments in the Life of Ezekiel the Prophet and Elisha (both 2010)

Michele Nugent ’09: Untitled (Northern Red Oak), Sylvia Finds Alphabet Mountain, and Home is Happiness, Happiness is Home (all 2009)