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At TCNJ, national research week honors a wealth of student work

As the United States honors the exploration and creativity of its college students and faculty, The College of New Jersey is gearing up for another season of original research.

The first national “Undergraduate Research Week,” designated by the U.S. House of Representatives for the week of April 11, coincides with an upcoming wave of student-driven presentations and projects underway at TCNJ. The following week, college researchers will introduce their ideas and findings in an annual display; in the summer, faculty-student collaborations will take off once more as part of a funded research program.

On April 27, the College will host its fourteenth annual Celebration of Student Achievement, a major display of student-faculty research in all disciplines. The Celebration provides students the opportunity to engage the community by presenting their work in the form of visual exhibitions, video and stage productions, and paper and poster presentations.

In June, 45 faculty members and 65 students from all seven schools of the College will participate in MUSE — the Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience. The program, which runs from June 6–July 29, is designed to promote student initiative with inventive projects and facilitate the growth of a cross-disciplinary community.

In the past, MUSE projects have ranged from the study of robot systems to in-depth analyses of teaching and civic engagement. The collaborative work is funded by the College and by a number of external grants.

For more information about these programs, visit the Celebration of Student Achievement and MUSE Program.