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Music, Mind and Invention Workshop hit a high note

Alex Braidwood, Independent Media Artist, wearing his "Noisolation Headphones" in the MMI demonstrations.

TCNJ hosted the “Music, Mind and Invention Workshop” on March 30-31.  Among the distinguished guests in attendance were Eran Egozy, co-creator of the blockbuster video game “Guitar Hero,” and Nobel Laureate John Nash.

The workshop honored artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky, and took its name from Minksy’s landmark paper, Music, Mind and Meaning. The two-day event drew a gathering of leading scientists, video game designers, mathematicians, musicians, and authors who discussed and demonstrated the creative possibilities that have emerged at the intersection of music and computers.

Click here to listen to a podcast featuring Guitar Hero co-creator Eran Egozy and author of “Guitar Zero” Gary Marcus recorded at the MMI Workshop:

Click here to see a Flickr gallery of the day:

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