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Call for Participation in Celebration of Student Achievement

Sixteenth Annual Celebration of Student Achievement
Featuring Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity
Main Event: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

–What is The Celebration of Student Achievement Main Event?
The Celebration of Student Achievement is a month-long showcase for student scholarly and creative work, providing an opportunity for students to share their work with the TCNJ community. During the Main Event on Wednesday, May 1, hundreds of students will present their work in papers, panels, poster sessions, demonstrations, and other forms of scholarly or creative activity.

–What kind of student work will be presented at the Main Event?
The Celebration’s Main Event is appropriate for significant work that results from deep engagement in the scholarly or creative process. For the most part, students will be presenting work that they have already prepared or presented for another purpose such as Independent Research, a Senior Design, Thesis, or Capstone course, a conference presentation, or some other outstanding scholarly/creative experience. In many cases, this will be work done in collaboration with a faculty mentor, but the student must be the primary author and presenter of the work at the Celebration. Students must have the signature of a faculty sponsor to present their work.

Most commonly, presentations take the form of printed posters mounted on 40×60″ foamcore boards, 15-minute oral presentations/papers, or panel discussions. Foamcore boards and easels are provided for posters. Otherwise, students must provide any other resources they need.

–Where do I go if I have questions about participating?
If you have questions, see your faculty liaison, whose contact information is available at
For questions that liaisons are unable to answer, contact the Director of Faculty-Student Collaboration, Dr. Benny Chan, Dr. Nancy Freudenthal, or

–How do I register to participate?

Complete the registration form,(which can be filled out as an MS Word document available at ) and return it to your liaison no later than Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

–How is the form to be filled out if there is more than one author or presenter on a project?
Fill out the form for the first author who will serve as the contact person for the group. List other presenters’ names at the bottom of the form.

–How will I know when my presentation is scheduled?
A copy of the full schedule for the Main Event will be available online by April 24 at All poster sessions will be between 1 and 4 pm.

Additional information about the Main Event of the Celebration of Student Achievement is available at: