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Fall 2013 Registration

Dear TCNJ Student,

With Spring in the air, it is hard to believe that registration for the Fall 2013 semester is just around the corner! For ongoing important and timely registration updates, “like us” at or visit us at

In keeping with our commitment to prepare students for Registration, we have compiled some important information that every student should know about Fall 2013 Registration. Read below for steps you should take to prepare for registration and ensure a successful process:

1) View Your Enrollment Appointment in PAWS: The initial Fall 2013 registration period for undergraduate and graduate students will begin on April 2 and run through April 12. Access PAWS to find out the exact date and time you can register. For step-by-step instructions on viewing your Enrollment Appointment, visit:

2) Run your Academic Requirements Report in PAWS. This report gives you a summary of your progress towards completing your academic requirements needed for graduation. For instructions on how to run your Academic Requirements Reports go to:

3) Search for Classes and Fill Your Shopping Cart: The Schedule of Classes is now available on PAWS. Prepare for registration by adding courses to your Enrollment Shopping Cart prior to your enrollment appointment. For instructions on how to use your Enrollment Shopping Cart, go to:

4) Check for Requisite Issues: Check to see if you have met enrollment requirements prior to your enrollment time. The Validate feature (available in your Shopping Cart) alerts you to any requisite issues that may prevent you from enrolling in a class. For quick tips on using the Validate feature, visit:

5) Resolve Requisite Issues before Registration: If the Validate feature identifies a potential requisite issue, and you are confident that the requisite was met, contact the Office of Records and Registration for assistance.

6) Check for Holds: Holds will prevent you from registering for your classes. If there is a hold on your account, resolve the matter prior to your Enrollment Appointment. Advising Holds and Health Services holds will be posted by March 6. Financial Holds will be posted throughout March. Check your account early and frequently for holds.

7) Meet with Your Advisor: Schedule an appointment as soon as possible to meet with your advisor to discuss your academic requirements report.

Planning ahead is the key to a successful registration process. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to visit the Office of Records and Registration in Green Hall 112, or call us at 609-771-2141

Best Regards,

Frank Cooper
Executive Director
The Office of Records and Registration