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GRADUATE MERIT AWARD Program – Executive Women of NJ

Executive Women of New Jersey (EWNJ) is pleased to invite you to nominate two outstanding female graduate students for an EWNJ Graduate Merit Scholarship Award. EWNJ Merit Awards are given to women who are pursuing graduate education to further their careers. Awards of at least $5,000 each will be granted to those candidates selected by the Scholarship Committee. Winners will be announced in June 2013, and recognized at an event in October 2013.

To be considered, a candidate must be a non-traditional female student who may have returned to her studies several years after obtaining her undergraduate degree, or who may have completed an undergraduate degree at a later age. Candidates must have completed at least twelve (12) credits in their graduate program at the time of nomination and be carrying a minimum of six (6) credits per term during the time of the scholarship award. Nominees must be permanent New Jersey residents attending a New Jersey college or university.

In addition to these requirements, applications will be judged according to the following criteria, listed here in order of importance: Financial Need, Academic Performance, Leadership, Clarity of Career Goals, and Community Service. The Selection Process and Criteria and an Application Form can be found online at An Application Submission Checklist is also provided to assist applicants in ensuring that all required documents are submitted with their application. Feel free to duplicate the enclosed materials and advise applicants that the application may also be obtained online at

Please remind your nominees of the importance of following the directions when submitting an application. Applications with missing documents or with documents that are not scanned in the proper order will be returned. Remember, you may nominate only two candidates from each of your graduate programs. Applications must be received at EWNJ’s offices no later than April 19, 2013 . Candidates and their dean/directors of sponsoring departments will be notified of EWNJ’s decision in June.

If you have questions about the scholarship program and/or the application process, please call EWNJ at 609-249-7982 or email We look forward to your participation in this program.