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Request for Donated Leave

As you may be aware, the College has a Donated Leave Program to allow employees to donate unused sick and vacation leave to employees who have exhausted all leave accruals as a result of a catastrophic health event. Often times, these prolonged life threatening health events result in significant financial hardships to families within our campus community. Even the donation of one sick or vacation day can be of great support.

We have an employee, Maurice Rainier, who is suffering from a life threatening medical condition and, as a result, he has been on extended sick leave. Maurice will have exhausted all available leave accruals soon.

Employees may contribute up to 30 days of available leave as long as they have a remaining balance of 20 days of accrued sick leave, if donating sick leave; and 12 days of accrued vacation leave if donating vacation leave. If you would like to contribute sick or vacation leave accruals to Maurice, please follow the link to the Donor Transfer form . Be sure to submit the completed forms to Floss Johnson in the Office of Human Resources.

If you have questions concerning the Donated Leave Program, you may call Floss Johnson on extension 3306.