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Staff Senate Election Results

The Staff Senate Election and Constitution Council is proud to announce the results of this year’s Staff Senate elections. The following fourteen members of the TCNJ Community have been elected to the Senate for a three-year term, starting in August 2013:

  • James Day (School of the Arts and Communication) 
  • Devon DiBella (Finance & Business Services) 
  • Emily Dodd (Communications, Marketing & Brand Management) 
  • Leon Duminiak (Chemistry) 
  • Diane Gruenberg (Tutoring Center & Writer’s Place) 
  • Ann Guarnaccia (Alumni Affairs) 
  • Monica Jacobe (School of Humanities & Social Sciences) 
  • Jason Jordan (Human Resources) 
  • Debra Kelly (Career Center) Paula Rainey (Library) 
  • Christopher Russomanno (Campus Police) 
  • Quiana Starr (College Advancement) 
  • Emily Thomas Lleo (Student Accounts) 
  • Carol Wells (Health & Exercise Science)

Please extend your best wishes and congratulations to our new Senators! Thanks to all staff members who voted!