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TCNJ announces creation of new center for health and wellness

The College of New Jersey announced today the creation of a new center for health and wellness. The center will continue the counseling work that had previously been housed in the TCNJ Clinic, in addition to providing increased educational and health and wellness resources for the campus and community.

“The creation of this center expands the clinical experience and scope of training for students across a range of programs in Education, Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science,” said TCNJ President R. Barbara Gitenstein. “It also will emphasize a holistic approach to wellness that recognizes the relationship between mind and body.”

TCNJ Provost Jacqueline Taylor will immediately create a task force chaired by Suzanne McCotter, dean of the School of Education, and Carole Kenner, dean of the School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science, to finalize the vision and develop a timeline for short- and long-term goals of the center.

The task force also will create an incremental plan for incorporating the work of the TCNJ Clinic into this new model in a way that ensures the highest quality educational experience and care.

These changes are the result of a thorough internal and external review of the TCNJ Clinic in accordance with the college’s protocol for evaluating academic programs. It included a clinic self-study, a review by the Department of Counselor Education and a review by outside consultants. The effort provided an opportunity for the college to assess the clinic’s effectiveness in serving the educational needs of counseling graduate students, the mental health needs of undergraduate students, and mental health services for the community.

“The review process, which included input from internal and external stakeholders, provided insight into how we could restructure the services and academic experiences offered to ensure the highest possible quality,” Gitenstein said. “TCNJ will continue to be a leader in wellness and health promotion through practice, education, and community service.”

Luke Sacks