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TCNJ offers term bill extensions for students affected by the government shutdown

This week, the government shutdown entered its second month and federal employees are about to miss their second paychecks. Stories of the hardships this is causing for furloughed workers crowd the national news. Closer to home, TCNJ recognizes that some of these stories may belong to members of our own community.

Families of furloughed employees are being forced to make difficult financial decisions, and paying for college shouldn’t add to their stress. For this reason, TCNJ is providing term bill extensions to students who are federal employees or are the dependents of federal employees. Any unpaid balance will not come due until after the conclusion of the shutdown. No penalties or interest will be assessed.

In an email to the campus community, TCNJ President Dr. Kathryn Foster said, “I’d like to believe that the government shutdown will be resolved in the very near future. In the meantime, I hope this program provides some measure of relief to those affected.”

Details on how students can qualify for an extension may be found on the Office of Student Accounts website.