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TCNJ adopts changes to student fundraising policy: a message from the vice president for student affairs

The College of New Jersey recognizes and thanks the members of its community who, through their advocacy, have asked for changes to TCNJ’s student fundraising policy to allow for greater flexibility in the means by which funds may be solicited in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the coronavirus pandemic relief efforts. The college applauds efforts to support these causes and for this reason will amend, temporarily, its fundraising policy to accommodate such initiatives.

Recognized student groups wishing to fundraise using TCNJ’s name may request permission by filling out an online application. Venmo and PayPal have been added as means by which contributions may be accepted. Expedited review will be given to applications—a response should be received within approximately two business days of receipt. 

Because use of the college’s name implies a measure of accountability on the part of the institution and has a number of legal implications, groups being granted permission will be required to provide documentation of funds received as part of a final fundraising report. For Venmo and PayPal, this can be as simple as downloading a transaction record. Further guidance on how to do this is included as part of the application.

Students and groups are always free to fundraise on their own provided they don’t use the college’s name in any way in their solicitations. In such cases, prior approval from the college is not necessary.

Please know that the fundraising policy as originally drafted was never intended to be a barrier to students and groups who wanted to support their communities and other social causes. Rather, it was meant to ensure the college remains in compliance with a host of legal and tax issues that come with the use of its name in soliciting money, and that the donors receive the appropriate tax credit. We will monitor the effectiveness of this interim policy with the possibility of updating our standing policy in the future.

Thanks to all who reached out on this issue and who are working to bring about change in our world.


Sean Stallings

Vice President for Student Affairs