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Benny Chan named American Chemical Society fellow

TCNJ chemistry professor Benny Chan was recently named a fellow by the American Chemical Society.

Chan, who has been at TCNJ since 2006 was nominated for the honor by the ACS Committee on Minority Affairs, which he has been a part of for seven years. The group works to continue efforts to increase the outcomes of marginalized groups.

Among his many accomplishments, Chan developed CMA training modules to educate the committee members on modern sociology and research on cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Using social science models of intersectionality, privilege, and social identities, the training allows members to more effectively navigate the complex social identities of members, such as how race works in concert with gender, sexuality, and class.

“I am honored to be nominated by the Committee on Minority Affairs and selected to become an ACS fellow,” Chan said, “I am so happy that ACS has recognized all the inclusive excellence work at TCNJ and the global chemical enterprise. I have had the privilege of working with amazing colleagues at TCNJ and the ACS. This honor is a stepping stone for us to help support and amplify the voices of marginalized communities in science, technology, engineering, and medicine.”

The fellows program, which added 53 total members this year including Chan, began in 2009 as a way to recognize ACS members for outstanding achievements in and contributions to science, the profession, and ACS, and for their equally exemplary service to the Society.

For more information on the ACS fellow program please visit

— Luke Sacks