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TCNJ Literacy Advancement Project partners with Robinowitz Education Center

Teacher and student in a classroom, drawing with markers.

TCNJ’s Literacy Advancement Project and Dyslexia Initiative has kicked off Dyslexia Awareness Month by partnering with the Robinowitz Education Center to broaden services to the community.

The partnership will provide scholarship-supported evaluations for children and adults with literacy difficulties, including individuals suspected of having a specific learning disorder such as dyslexia. The free evaluations, offered in both English and Spanish, are meant to identify student-specific literacy strengths and areas for instructional support.

“These assessments and reports highlight academic strengths and reveal areas in need of more support,” said TCNJ Literacy Advancement Project Co-Director Lauren Foxworth. “They also can be shared with school personnel to allow for more effectively designed lessons, and in turn, facilitate greater success across the curriculum.” 

TCNJ’s Literacy Advancement Project and Dyslexia Initiative also will continue to serve the community through literacy professional development services on and off campus, a literacy tutoring program, and free support services and events for families of students with literacy difficulties.

“Partnering with the Robinowitz Education Center allows us to expand the assessment services we were able to offer in the past while growing the network of supports we offer for students and families,” said TCNJ Literacy Advancement Project Co-Director Matthew Hall.

The Robinowitz Education Center is accredited by the International Dyslexia Association and is staffed by certified and licensed professionals who played instrumental roles in the passage of recent dyslexia legislation in New Jersey and co-authored the New Jersey Dyslexia Handbook.

“Dee Rosenberg and I are honored to be partnering with TCNJ’s Literacy Advancement Project team to bring our 30+ years experience of evaluating students for possible learning disorders such as dyslexia,” said Susan E. Miller, assistant director of the Robinowitz Education Center. “We are also teachers who know which strategies and practices are proven by research to best remediate the skills of our struggling students.”

For more information about TCNJ’s Literacy Advancement Project and Dyslexia Initiative please visit

— Luke Sacks