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TCNJ to cut ribbon on new fitness court

Outdoor fitness court

On Wednesday, April 6, TCNJ will become the first college campus in New Jersey to offer a sleek and modern outdoor National Fitness Campaign Fitness Court.

The NFC Fitness Court, which will be open to the campus community and public 24/7 year-round, is located adjacent to TCNJ baseball’s George Ackerman Park along the Metzger Drive walking path.

The unique design of the court’s seven stations will allow users to leverage their own body weight to get a complete workout. Created with adults of all ages in mind, the NFC Fitness Court is adaptable for all fitness levels and allows users to download the free NFC Fitness Court App entitled “Fitness Court,” which is available for iOS and Android.

“The NFC Fitness Court is the latest in a long line of health and wellness resources we have developed for the campus and local communities,” said Mark Forest, assistant vice president for health and wellness within Student Affairs. “These last few years have been especially difficult with levels of stress, depression, and anxiety increasing for so many. We hope the NFC Fitness Court can provide an outlet to help alleviate some of those issues through physical activity.”

This year, TCNJ was one of dozens of other select recipients from around the country awarded a $30,000 grant from NFC to help support an increase in the availability of health and wellness resources.

“Use of the NFC Fitness Court can help overall physical health, including cardiovascular health, bone and muscle strength, and weight control in a quick and accessible way,” said Robert Simels, director of recreation at TCNJ. “This is a great addition to our physical activity options on campus.”

NFC developed the system in 2012 hoping to inspire municipalities to transform public spaces into community fitness hubs. There are currently 100 active Fitness Court locations across the country, and the campaign will reach a total of 250 cities and schools by the end of the year.