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TCNJ joins OceanFirst Foundation scholarship program

four individuals stand together to accept an oversized check
Katherine Durante, Executive Director, OceanFirst Foundation, Susanne Svizeny, President of Mid-Atlantic Region, OceanFirst Bank, TCNJ President Kathryn Foster, and Wil Casaine, TCNJ Executive Director of Financial Aid.

TCNJ has been added as an OceanFirst Foundation Scholarship Program partner for 2022.

The college will receive a $40,000 grant to provide 16 scholarships for direct educational expenses to students in any year of undergraduate study.

“These generous scholarships will provide much-needed financial assistance to 16 hard-working and talented New Jersey students in their pursuit of a college degree,” said TCNJ President Kathryn A. Foster. “We are grateful to OceanFirst Foundation for their investment in the next generation of leaders, their families, and their communities.”

OceanFirst has a long-standing tradition of supporting higher education and, each year, the foundation awards grants to colleges and universities for the purpose of awarding scholarships. In the 12 years of the OceanFirst Scholarship Program, $3.3 million has been awarded to more than 2,300 students across OceanFirst Bank’s New Jersey footprint to help them pursue their dream of higher education.

“I’m excited about the partnership between The College of New Jersey and OceanFirst which will advance student success and support their commitment to higher education,” said Susanne Svizeny, Philadelphia Regional President, OceanFirst Bank. “I’m also proud of OceanFirst’s investments in education that allow us to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond the campus walls as they move into the workforce.” 

For more information on the OceanFirst Scholarship Program and the 2022 Application, visit