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TCNJ Campuswide Email

Requesting a Campuswide Email


The Office of Communications, Marketing, and Brand Management can assist you in sending a campuswide email. Campuswide emails are distributed through moderated Google Groups and can be sent to any or all of the following audiences:

  • Enrolled students
  • Faculty (full time and adjuncts)
  • Staff (full time, supplemental, and contingent employees)

CMBM cannot segment the above groups into smaller cohorts (e.g., students in a particular class, faculty or staff in a particular school or building, etc.). Additionally, CMBM does not have access to, and cannot help with, other campus listservs or email systems.

For instructions on how to send a campuswide email, please contact Emily Dodd* and pay close attention to the following guidelines:

1. Get approval first.

Any and all requests for campuswide email MUST first be reviewed and approved by a cabinet member. Please discuss your request with your cabinet member and acquire approval before contacting CMBM.

*Requests from academic schools and departments should be sent to Gem Perkins in Academic Affairs for approval and distribution.

2. Be strategic about timing.

Campuswide emails are generally limited to one per event or topic. Be sure to consider best timing when sending your message.

3. Send your email from a person, not an office.

Campuswide emails must come from a person, not an office. While you may send a message from a generic email account, please make it clear in the body of the message from whom the message is coming, and to whom users can direct questions should they need to respond.

4. Know that you won’t receive replies.

Due to Google Groups settings, any replies to a campuswide email will be sent to an unmonitored email address unless the user manually types in the correct email address for the user they’re trying to reach. CMBM is not responsible for any correspondence in an unmonitored inbox.

5. Use formatting and attachments wisely and judiciously.

Messages are drafted in and sent from a user’s Gmail account and can be formatted within the limits of Gmail. This includes hyperlinks, bullets, indentation, bolding, underlining, italicizing, colors, fonts, inline images, and file attachments.

Please remember that you are communicating within your role as an employee of the college and be mindful of font choices, colors, and excessive formatting when sending to the entire campus. Less is more.

6. Check for errors.

Accuracy of content is the sole responsibility of the sender. Once a message is in the queue for moderation, it cannot be edited or manipulated in any way. 

7. Be patient.

Messages are released from the moderation queue in the order in which they are received during business hours (Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.). Please allow several hours after sending for your message to be released by CMBM staff.

After hours and weekend requests will be distributed the next business day.

CMBM reserves the right to reject any messages in the queue for any reason, including but not limited to adherence to the guidelines listed above.

Updated August 2, 2022