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TCNJ Feature Story

How a picture inspired Abrar Ebady to aid refugees in Jordan

“Even when fleeing to Jordan, they live an unstable life due to a lack of job opportunities, racism, dangerous neighborhoods, or a shortage of food and clothing,” she says. “There’s a cycle of emotional problems, and I think the people need some sort of coping mechanism.” In turn, Ebady helped foster a sense of security for…

Ryan Laux and Chris Lundy learn on the job at Hollywood studio

Senior interactive multimedia (IMM) majors Ryan Laux and Chris Lundy made the most of their summer internship in Los Angeles, seizing, exploring, and absorbing whatever they could as videographer interns at DreamWorks Animation. Working for the training department, Laux and Lundy were responsible for filming, editing, and posting critical software classes for reference and teach-back purposes—invaluable…